WCS Innovation Lounge

Hear ye, hear ye…the 2023 WCS leadership is proud to announce a new opportunity at our humble show Oct. 15 – 18th at the Paris Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. While not a new concept for a tradeshow convention, ahem symposium; new to the WCS will be an Innovation Lounge for any brave soul or souls that would like 15 minutes of fame on a stage surrounded by peers of our community. The overarching purpose is to share pioneering thoughts, activities, &/or products related to the coatings industry. This short TedX-esque proposition is for those outside-the-box thinkers looking for a soap box to demonstrate something modern and potentially groundbreaking with or without hard data.

Have a new product that folks must see to believe? Don’t have enough data or time to qualify for a full technical talk? Whether a fresh or tweaked raw material application, finished system, or software yet to be launched…we want YOU!

Whilst the tradeshow floor is open and at the back past the student posters (see below map), there will be a bar with ½ priced drinks during lunch and free in afternoon, as well as a stage, surrounded by couches and positivity for any person or company that would like to share impactful talent. Thanks to Palmer Holland for jumping on board and sponsoring the half-priced drinks at this fresh concept.

What: the WCS Innovation Lounge is a place for attendees to comfortably linger whilst new ideas and thoughts are presented in a relaxed atmosphere
Who: any attendee is able to enjoy the lounge and be able to pitch innovation on stage
Where: the back of the WCS tradeshow floor, past the student posters
When: whenever tradeshow floor is open
Why: why not? Enjoy discounted drinks as sponsored by Palmer Holland and support your community peers trying something different

Have any questions or want to get your 15 minutes on stage? Please reach out to El Presidente Eric Jenkins: 503.619.9706.