Speaker Changes

Please note the following changes to the Technical Program schedule:

1. Monday 2:50pm Champagne #2:

CANCELLED:  53 – Investigation the Effect of Pulse Current on Thickness Decrease of Electrodeposited Cu/Ni Multilayer Coating, Arash Mirzaei, Arefi.

REPLACEMENT:  123 – Developments in Polyamide Rheology Modifiers for Very High Solids and 100% Solids Protective and Marine Coatings, Jeffrey Arendt, Arkema.

2. Monday 10:15am Champagne #1:
CANCELLED: 17 – Advancing Military Technologies Forward, Sherwin – Williams, Dr. Beth Ann Pearson

3. Wednesday 10:45am Champagne #1:
CANCELLED: 18 – Powder Coatings in the Defense Industry, Sherwin – Williams, Dr. Beth Ann Pearson