Speakers and Topics

Speaker and Topic List as of June 17, 2021

01- UV+EB Coatings Technology With 1.5-Nanometer Heteroatom Titanates & Zirconates
Salvatore J. Monte, Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.

02 – Innovative One Step Aluminum Coating Production Process
Marc Gagnon, Dempsey Corporation

03 – Dynamics of Dispersing Blades
Daniyel Firestone, Norstone Inc.

04 – Choosing the Right Grinding Media
Daniyel Firestone, Norstone Inc.

05 – Novel Hydrolytically Stable Silane Additives for Improving the Performance of Waterborne Acrylic Roof Coatings
Jacob Shevrin, Evonik Corporation

06 – Effective wetting for low-polar substrates while preventing foam
Brent Laurenti, BYK Corporation

07 – Formulating Brilliant Coatings Appearance for Consumer Goods – Color Sells
Dr. Romesh Kumar, Clariant Colorants Solutions

08 – How Successful Collaborations Drive Innovation
Victoria Scarborough, Ph.D., Chemquest

09 – The Role of ABA Surfactants in Waterborne Formulations
Sam Morell, Sam Morell.com

10 – VOC-Compliant Industrial Floor Coatings Without Exempt Solvents
Todd Williams, Covestro LLC

11 – Fluoro-free and Silicone-Free Blocking Resistance Additives for Waterborne Coatings Application
Susan Dong, Stepan Company

12 – U.S. Soy – The Sustainable Solution for Coatings
Lee E. Walko, Omni Tech International, Ltd.

13- High Performance Polymeric Dispersant for Carbon Black in Waterborne Systems
Timothy Boebel, Case Additives

14 – Corrosion Protection Primers Based on Zn – Mg Alloys for Mixed Metals Applications
Jon Lawniczak, ECKART America

15 – Sustainably Prevent Skinning Without Sacrificing Coating Performance with MEKO Alternatives
Kellie Salerno, Borchers

16 – Unique Epoxy Amine Curing Agent Brings Fast Return To Services Properties to Industrial Protective Coatings
Huntsman Corporation
Yong Zhang

17 – High Solid Polymer Dispersions
Michael Krayer, BASF Corporation

18 – Novel Silane Modified Polymer-Hybrid Elastomeric Waterborne Binder Technology Creates Flexible Crack-Bridging Coatings
Kevin B. Miles, PhD, WACKER Chemical Corporation

19 – Latex for high gloss paint
Xin A. Li, BASF Corporation

20 – Inherently Dull Waterbased Acrylic Technology
Dana Charron, Zschimmer & Schwarz Interpolymer

21 – Dirt-Pickup Resistance in Low Tg Elastomeric Coatings
Robert Sandoval, EPS – Engineered Polymer Solutions

22 – Advancements in Vinyl Acrylic Emulsion Technology – Exceeding Current Performance Standards
Jeremy L. Grove, Ph.D., Arkema Coating Resins

23 – Explosion Risk in Hybrid Mixtures – New Technology to prevent serious Risks in Lacquer and Paint Production
Dr. Hans-Joachim Jacob, ystral gmbh maschinenbau + processtechnik

24 – Achieving Excellent Multi-Substrate Adhesion for Architectural Coatings
Kaliappa Ragunathan PhD, BASF Corporation

25 – APEO-free Surfactants that Enhance Performance Attributes of Water-based Coatings
Linda Adamson, Solvay

26 – Silicone Water-Based Elastomers Match Performance of Solvent-Based and High-Solid Counterparts
DJ Widmer, ICD High Performance Coatings + Chemistries

27 – Primed For Success – Novel WB Primer Technology Offers Stainblocking and Multi-Substrate Adhesion Rivaling Conventional SB Primers
Karl Booth, EPS – Engineered Polymer Solutions

28 – Predicting Exterior Surfactant Leaching Performance That Correlates with Customer Experience
Christopher Savittieri, EPS – Engineered Polymer Solutions

29 – Advanced Analytical Methodologies For Food Packaging Compliant UV & EB Inks
Bengisu Corakci Donato (Biren Oza), Covestro – Resins and Functional Materials

30 – New Resin Developments for Excimer Curing in Industrial Flooring Applications
Biren Oza, Covestro – Resins and Functional Materials

31 – Novel High Performance Natural and Biodegradable Wax Additives
Rich Czarnecki, Micro Powders Inc.

32 – New Acrylic Polyol with Enhanced Performance for 2K PUR Direct to Metal Coatings
Susana Porzio, BASF Corporation

33 – Improving Adhesion – A Continuing Challenge with Modern, Compliant Coatings
Jim Reader, Evonik Corporation

34 – The Use of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Coatings Colorants
Andrew Bartlett, Chromaflo Technologies

35 – Efficiency Improvements to R&D Processes Via the Digital Platform
Jerry Powers, Chromaflo Technologies

36 – New Ambient Curing Resins for High Heat and Corrosion Resistance
Francisco Cortés, Evonik Corporation

37 – Branched Fatty Acids – A Forgotten Sustainable Building Block for High Quality Short Oil Alkyd Binder Paint Systems for Industrial Wood and Metal Protection
Patrick Van Waes, Kraton Chemicals

38 – A New Class of Multifunctional Smart Particles for Advanced Corrosion Protection
Benjamin Pearman, Ph.D., SynMatter LLC

39 – Something in the Air – Digital Tools for the Improved Measurement and Mechanistic Understanding of VOCs
Erik Sapper, California Polytechnic State University

40 – Bio Based Defoamer for Use in Emulsion Polymerization, Coatings, Inks and Adhesives
John Mangano, BASF Corporation

41 – A highly efficient defoamer package for printing packaging application
Charlie Hsu, BASF Corporation

42 – Low VOC Bio-based Solutions for Your Coating Needs
Michael Knight, Polynt Composites USA

43 – Low VOC Capable Acrylic Dispersion for Improved Metal Protection
Tony Neely, Ph.D., BASF Corporation

44 – Film Coalescence and Coalescing Surfactants – Mechanism of Action and Practical Application of These Unique Multifunctional Wetting Agents in Low-VOC Coatings
Ingrid Meier Ph.D., Evonik Corporation

45 – Deaeration of Liquid Coatings
Mike Peck, Evonik Corporation

46 – New wax additives for Coating with ECO-Labels
Royce Mathews, Munzing US

47 – Making Sense of Sustainability
Wally Kesler, Dunn Edwards Paints

48 – A creative path to produce acrylic polyol emulsions for high-performance one-component thermoset topcoats
Marcelo Herszenhaut, Hexion Inc

49 – The Influence of Green Coalescents on the Properties of Latex Paints
Artur Palasz Ph.D., Spektrochem Paint Formulation Research Laboratory

50 – High Performance Polymeric Dispersing Additives for Water Based Coatings
Leah Sullivan PhD, Munzing US

51 – Novel Reactive Surfactants for Latex Emulsion Polymerization
Julia Zaug, Stepan Company

52 – Ethylene – The Soft Approach to High Performance Specialty Coatings
Corinne Walden, WACKER Chemical Corporation

53 – What is the Best Defoamer For You
Christopher Mosinski, BYK USA Inc.

54 – Shark Solutions PVB Study
Andrew Zudans, Shark Solutions, Inc.

55 – Dispersing Agent Design for Improved Corrosion Resistance in Metal Coatings
Jeff Norris, Lubrizol Advanced Materials

56 – A Novel Approach to Anti-Icing Coatings for Aerospace, Infrastructure, and Consumer Applications
Dr. Hadi Ghasemi, Elemental Coatings

57 – Implementation of a Plant Hygiene Protocol for Optimized In-Can Protection of Paints & Coatings
Thomas Sames, Lanxess Corp.

58 – Testing and Imaging Methods for Surfactant Leaching
Ashley Gong Ph.D., Dow Chemical Company

59 – High Performance Waterborne 1K Direct to Metal Polyamide-Urethane Technology
Eric A. Broz, Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

60a – A Winning Combination of Additives for Waterborne Protective Coatings
Martin Kays, BYK Additives and Instruments

61 – Navigating The Coating Industry Supply Chain From an Intellectual Property Perspective
Daniel Chojnowski, Howard & Howard Attorneys

62 – Novel Acrylic Polymers for Tennis Court Coatings
Gregory Monaghan, Specialty Polymers, Inc

63 – Optimizing your Coating Formulation for Concrete Protection
Latoska N Price, M.S., Synthomer

64 – Musings of a VOC Nerd
Dane Jones PhD, California Polytechnic State University

65 – Synereses, Bridging Flocculation, and Rheology Correlations in Latex-HEUR Aqueous Compositions
Ray Fernando PhD, California Polytechnic State University

66 – Functionalized Binders Enhance Performance of Waterborne Coatings
Joey Ruiz, PhD, Solvay – Novecare

Bob T. Lin, Evonik Corporation

68 – Architectural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) and Industrial Surface Coating VOC Regulation Overview
David Darling, American Coatings Association

69 – “Cool Roof” Acrylic Coatings for Green Buildings
Rick Miner, Arkema Coating Resins

70 – Washington State Safer Product Inadvertent Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and Paint
David Darling, American Coatings Association

71 – Next Generation of Rheological Additive for More Sustainable Industrial Coatings
Chris Sieto, Elementis

72 – High Solids Coatings for Improved One Coat Hide
Chris Sieto, Elementis

73 – Read (Hidden) Emotions – The Science Behind a New Skill
Dan Seidman, Read Emotions

74 – Improving Indoor Air Quality with Amino Alcohols
Mark Langille, ANGUS Chemical Company

75 – Improving Performance of Waterborne Industrial Coatings with Amino Alcohols
Mark Langille, ANGUS Chemical Company

76 – Achieving Higher Performing Solar Reflective Coatings With Multifunctional Hollow, Plastic Microspheres
Evan Montanez, Coadtech

77 – Solvent free Cashew Nutshell liquid Epoxy curing agents – Renewable, low VOC solutions for epoxy coatings
Yun Mi Kim, Cardolite Corporation

Bruno Dário, Oxiteno USA LLC

79 – Advancement in Paint Recycling and Environmental Sustainability
Sanjeev Bagaria, GDB International Inc.

80 – Silicone Hybrid Technology & Biocide Free Hydrophobic Agents for Architectural Coatings
Bernd Baeurer, CHT USA Inc.

81 – Achieve Sag Control with a Zero VOC Liquid Rheology Modifier
Pamela Levesque, King Industries

82 – Super Concentrated Acid Catalysts to Economize Formulations
Matt Salvi, King Industries