Paint Industry Background

Part time job in 1935 working at S&H Premier Paint Store in Huntington Park, CA. Filling cans of paint thinner, linseed oil, etc. In 1939, I was made manager of their Compton, CA store.

Next, I was hired by Standard Brands Paints as manager of their San Diego store. They transferred me to their main store as the new man of the management team. Yes, any unwanted chore that came up was mine! Good education.


U.S. Army Operation Sgt. 650thTank Destroyer BN. The second week they checked my reserve history to find that I had a heart murmur. The Bn. Commander asked if I would continue through Basic Training and train one of my team to take over. I was transferred to the Salvage Branch as Chief Clerk Adm. Assistant and, in time, NCOIC.

1946, out of the Army, I was able to get a Linseed oil allocation! Started M.P. Samson Paint Co.

With the allocation came Titanium supply, so now I am a manufacturer of paint with very limited know-how!

In September, 1946, I joined the Los Angeles Paint Production Club. What Wonder People!!! The material salesmen and others offered help and great support! They shared their knowledge.

What was good for the Production Club was good for the industry. With pride, I served on committees like Spring Frolic, Summer Dinner Dance, Bi-Annual Show, etc.

The Beginning of Samson Raw Materials

In 1949, I sold the plant to Ampruf Paint of N.Y. and stayed on as Adm. and Sales Manager. Then to Stacoat Paint Co. as General Manager. Next, I was hired on as a salesman at L.H. Butcher Co. Chemicals and Pigments for paint. They sent me to the TLARGI rubber tech class at U.S.C. What a “breeze”, the raw materials were almost the same but used for other reasons.

In 1953, I started Samson Raw Materials Co. In April 1987, I sold the firm and retired at 69. A mistake, as I had very good people.

Paint back in the 40’s and 50’s required a commitment to make as best as one knew how! An art! Only the varnish/vehicles have a technical approach.

Mr. Samson passed away in January 2017 at the age of 98 years old.

Industry Kudos:

  • LASCT – Honorary Member
  • LASCT – Outstanding Service Award
  • So. Ca. Paint & Coating Assoc. – “Paintriach”
  • National Painting & Coating Assoc. – 50 year club