Exhibitors Information

It is important to us that all companies, regardless of size and resources, have a chance to participate in our trade show. We strive to keep our table-top prices reasonable to encourage participation from smaller companies, but have a three tiered system to accommodate those companies that wish to increase their visibility. We strive for an even playing field by regulating dimensions of each display.

One of the unique and popular features of the WCS is the fact that our exhibits are closed during the technical talks, and the talks are closed during exhibit hours. This results in strong attendance at the trade show, as the attendees don’t have to choose one over the other.

Complimentary lunch is served during the mid-day exhibition hours and complimentary appetizers and host bar are available during the late afternoon exhibition hours.

Pricing for Tabletops are:

  • Diamond Tabletop – TBD
  • Premium Tabletop – TBD
  • Standard Tabletop – TBD

Tabletop sales will open in March, 2025.